Music interview: Getting to Know Postblue


Melbourne-based fourpiece Postblue have just dropped a brand new, feel-good single and are about to play shows in Melbourne/Sydney. We asked them to tell us more about themselves:

Postblue are some good friends who play honest, good old fashioned guitar music.

Glow Like Crazy is our brand new single! ‘Glow’ is the first song we’ve released in 18 months. We spent most of that time writing material, experimenting with lots of sounds, layers, new pedals and equipment. We wrote and recorded almost an album’s worth of these big, lush, dreamy songs and they were really nice tunes, but not really the music we wanted to play.

‘Glow’ was one of those tracks. We ended up stripping it right back and cutting two minutes off it and suddenly we had this really cool summery pop song. We really liked where it was heading, so we flew up to Sydney and recorded the track at Studios 301 with Simon Cohen, who usually records Justin Bieber and Will.I.Am and we are honestly just so stoked with the way it turned out.

Our upcoming gigs in Sydney and Melbourne will be lit af. We’ve spent months planning these release shows. We’ve hand picked some really cool venues and supports, and we’re introducing a bunch of elements into our live performance to hopefully put on our best shows to date.

We spend too much time not playing music together. Our drummer, Joe, lives about 2000kms away from the rest of us, so we write most of our material via correspondence and only get to practice a few times a year around tours. Unfortunately, at this point we spend more time sending emails than playing tunes together.

Melbourne is ‘The world’s most liveable city’ five years straight. Good music, people, bars, coffee, and food. We all grew up around Byron Bay, and definitely miss it, but we’ve been given opportunities here that wouldn’t have been possible at home.

It might surprise people to learn that [guitarist/vocalist] Riley was the season favourite in Masterchef 2011. Unfortunately, he came down with gastro during finals week and had to forfeit his position.

In 2016, we’re going to release new music, play new cities, tour more than we ever have and have a hell time along the way.

You can catch Postblue at the following venues over the next few days…

Thurs Oct 15 | Shebeen | MELBOURNE

Thurs Oct 22 | Brighton Up Bar | SYDNEY

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.