Getting to Know Amy Finlayson

Amy Finlayson

Sydney-based artist and model Amy Finlayson’s upcoming exhibition, “Girls on Cars” considers theories of female liberation and desired equality in society. We asked her to tell us more about it, as well as filling us in about herself in general: 

I am… Unconventional. Growing up in the fashion industry has given me the ability to be flexible with my vocations. I studied over the internet, I have travelled all my life and now I am able to fuse everything I have learned into a multifaceted body of work.

Art is… Essential. Having said this, I don’t paint daily. I don’t even have a painting routine, I just do it when I feel it necessary and I don’t stop or accept anything other that what I feel is a perfect stopping point. I get a great high when I make something I love that I am proud of.

Amy Finlayson art

“Girls on Cars” is… A journey. It depicts women in public situations, as they embody their negotiated gendered identities in and on a piece of machinery that is normally associated with the opposite sex. Their personalities and individual traits are expressed on these vehicles which essentially represents a metaphor for driving and taking control of one’s personal future. Theories of female liberation and desired equality in society are explored, while theories of biological determinism, personality and media dominance are also discussed.

They are then layered with a marbling of mixed media which represents the layers of personality and
that are accrued during the journey of life. Mistakes and all. All photos were taken by me; layers using mix media  were added in an effort to add a metaphorical dimension to the works.

Aside from being an artist, I… Juggle. Model/ Artist/ Writer/ Art Gallery assistant/ Creative Director/ Daughter/ Friend/ Yoga enthusiast/ Occasional cook/ Netflix fan/ Wine lover /Instagram addict.

Amy Finlayson interview

Home is… Sydney, New York, Perth. I was born in Perth but left at 17 and grew up in a matter of minutes when I hit the streets of New York. Because of this transformative time in my life, New York will always hold a special place in my heart and I plan to move back at the earliest convenience. Sydney has also massively shaped the person I am today from the coastal location of my place in North Bondi to the friendly vibes of the people in the city, it is and will always be a part of who I am.

I spend too much time… Stressing. I have a horrible capability of overthinking things, so a lot of my time is spent fighting off anxiety, which is hard to do in today’s society. but I am getting better at it.

A Fin_Despair

It might surprise people to learn that… I am a vegetarian. I am huge advocator for the support of animals and our environment. While I will never push my dietary beliefs on anyone, I believe we can all do our part for the environment and for Mother Nature, and my part is the exclusion of meat from my diet.

In 2016, I want to… Smash it out of the park. Casually planning to take over the world.

Girls on Cars runs from the 24th February until the 4th March at Hotel Centennial in Woollahra in Sydney. Email info@thefincollection for additional details and an advanced exhibition catalogue.


Bobby Townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend