Star Wars at St.George OpenAir Cinema

st george open air cinema 2015

When the latest Star Wars instalment was released last December, we were so pant-wettingly excited that we simply had to see it on the opening night. Then, we went again, to the “Extreme Screen” in Blacktown, in Sydney’s West. Keen for yet another viewing, yesterday we headed to St.George OpenAir Cinema at Mrs Macquaries Point.

Firstly, a hot tip: It’s unreserved seating at this cinema, so arrive in time for the doors opening at 6.15pm, save a good spot then hang out for a drink and some booze at the harbourside bar and restaurant, before taking your seat again when the sun goes down. Films start about 8.30pm.

It’s a truly atmospheric place to take in a movie. Indeed, this cinema surely offers one of the best backdrops in the world, spanning the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and city skyline. Bats fly overhead, the city lights twinkle on the water. It certainly beats wading through half-chewed popcorn in your everyday multiplex.

The picture quality and sound are superb too. And, while it seems kinda pointless to review a film that you’ve all seen at least once, it is true to say that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is even better on the second and third viewings. You notice more nuances, while the action scenes are still tremendously exciting and the jokes still funnier than you would expect (“I like that Wookie”).  

Simply, J.J. Abrams has delivered a brilliant seventh instalment which – unlike Episodes I, II and III – feels like it truly belongs in the Star Wars universe. It is tense, exciting, funny and poignant, with strong new characters. The action has real physicality and there is just the right amount of reminiscence. This film is everything we’d hoped it would be and more and illustrates just how horrific those George Lucas prequels were.

And what a place to watch a movie St.George OpenAir cinema is. It feels like you are experiencing so much more than just going to the movies. Highly recommended.

St.George OpenAir Cinema runs until the 19th Feb. Star Wars is on again on the 15th. Pre-sales for all shows have pretty much sold out but there will be a limited number of tickets available for sale at the Event Box Office from 6:30pm on the day. The exact number of tickets is advised at midday on the screening day on the Facebook page

The full program is here.

Bobby Townsend


Review by Bobby Townsend