Getting to Know Julia Jacklin


Sydney-based singer/songwriter Julia Jacklin is set to drop her debut album, ‘Don’t Let The Kids Win’, this October. She’s just about to embark on a massive tour of the US, Europe and the UK, as well as playing Fairgrounds Festival in Australia in December. We asked her to tell us more about herself: 

I am currently sitting on a couch in New Zealand feeling really hungry. It’s been a while since breakfast. The rest of the band is still asleep. I think they could sleep forever if I didn’t wake them up.

Pool Party is the opening track on the record.

The video for it is out. We shot it in a house in the Blue Mountains which is where I’m from. It was a pretty incredible place, untouched really since the 70s. We’re talking carpeted walls, wood paneling, couch sets. It was directed by my friend Sam Brumby and stars myself and my drummer/housemate/good friend Tom Stephens. I came up with the concept when I was exercising; he’s into working out, she’s into dancing they can’t seem to meet in the middle. We’ve all been there in some way or another.

I spend too much time watching To Catch a Predator on youtube. It’s so fascinating but so wrong but so addictive.

Sydney is not the capital of Australia. But it’s pretty great. Great if you like the beach and going to bed early.

I’m currently listening to lots of Conversations with Richard Fidler and Gabriella Cohen’s new record.

It might surprise people to learn that I’m not a fan of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by Bonnie Tyler.

This year, I’m going to watch Breaking Bad so I can contribute to more conversations, get faster at tuning my guitar on stage, be more hydrated.

Catch Julia at the following places around the globe over the next few months: 

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Interview by Bobby Townsend