Film Review: Sonita is inspiring


As strong as the beat that pulsates throughout this documentary, Sonita’s ambition to become a famous rapper packs a punch in her presence on screen as an inspiring symbol of welcome and refreshing change for so many caught her a situation similar to hers.

Tehran teenager Sonita spits lines of rhymes in protest to the beat of tradition of which she resides. Hers is the face of resistance in amongst the Iranian regime and Afghani tradition where she is sold as a bride, exchanged for her brother to purchase a wife, in a world where women are merely commodified. Child bride, unable to decide, Sonita is brave and inspiring questioning why.

Directed by Rokhsareh Gharm Maghami, Sonita is not merely documentary that you watch but a film that invites an active involvement from viewers as a form of engagement. Unable to merely observe or document the situation, Rokhsareh becomes involved in the documentary delaying the wedding plans and posting Sonita’s rap in an online rap competition. Sonita is motivated, driving much of what she has to say with her composed rap that points out what she believes in with such determination and clarity it is truly inspiring.

Sonita screens as part of the Sydney Film Festival. For more about SFF and to buy tickets, head to their website: 



Review by Addy Fong.