Getting to know Flyying Colours


Flyying Colours’ debut album ‘Mindfullness’ is out at the end of this month and the band have just been announced on next year’s Melbourne Laneway line-up. Exciting times! We asked them to tell us about themselves:

We are… Brodie: Bucket hats, tigers, APTBS, Fender anything and everything, PASTA, the best car DJ, avid Eno enthusiast, lead beers, guitarist, singer and/or mixer (depending on what day it is).
Gemma: Loud, belligerent slag with the voice of an angel, queen of the NEH joke, animal lover, loyal Stevie Nicks fan, who would probably give you the shirt off her back (even if you didn’t want/need it). Just don’t try and come between her and her BIG MUFF.
Melanie: Silent but deadly, bass master (just don’t ask her to open a door for you), vegetarian, purveyor of pear cider, cheese, The Murlocs, fashionista, always hungry, brutally honest, gracious, and stunning.
Andy: The ever-smiling goof ball, with the most contagious laugh you’ll come by, our voice of reason, the lean, mean drumming machine, likened to Animal from the Muppets when he really opens up J Oh, and his breakfasts are to die for, homemade hash browns and eggs for days…..
Together we form Flyying Colours

Mindfullness is the title of our ‘up and coming’ record. It’s a play on words, honestly representing the state of our minds when it finally came to record the album. Actually spelt MINDFULLNESS, it’s a very accurate representation of how we all felt as musicians/artists by the time it came to hit the studio. We were literally full! Our heads were oozing with ideas, sounds, melodies, full of parts, full of nearly twelve months’ worth of arranging and preparing…. our vision was complete and needed to be executed asap, for fear of our minds exploding!

Our show at The Rolling Stone Live Lodge on September 21st will be epic! The plan is to play the entire record…buuuut things don’t always go according to plan! This is going to be the first opportunity we’ve had to play a lot of the new songs live, but it’s so much more than that… it’s a chance to share with our friends and fans our ‘baby.’ This record contains our hearts and our souls; the idea is that intensity, emotion, sentiment and pride will be translated on stage and radiate into the crowd, making for a very involved, live, rollicking performance, I predict.

Home is anywhere we have each other, a few cold tinnies and a place to lay our heads next to the ones we love. We aren’t too fussy; within walking distance to somewhere that sells Pizza Shapes wouldn’t hurt lol.

We spend too much time finding embarrassing photos of each other on the internet or our phones, and then zooming in on each other faces to super close up. It started when we were touring UK/Europe last year and has escalated almost beyond a joke. How something so feeble can still manage to crack us all up though is a bit of a worry I guess, haha, but if you don’t have laughter, you don’t have much!

Musically, we come together on most things, ranging from say T.Rex, all the way to The Raveonettes. That’s what I really like about making music with this band, we all listen to and are influenced by so much, and all have very different playing styles. Brodie is fantastic at discovering unique and new shoegaze sounds, avidly drudging the applicable blogs and groups online. Andy (Based in Syd) and Mel (Melbourne) are both really committed to the live music scene in both their prospective cities, total gig junkies! We all like to be heavily involved with whom we play with when we play live shows, and the best way to do that is to get out amongst it! Same goes for discovering new music I guess.

It might surprise people to learn that this is our first recording with Mel (bass) and Andy (drums), and also our first recording Brodie has mixed (with our manager Marty Brown). It is as true a representation of what we really are, much more than the previous EPs. Listening to it is quite surreal; its us!

In the future… We are STILL waiting on the Hover board…so I guess we will have to keep on waiting?

Flyying Colours will officially launch their debut album as part of Rolling Stone Live Lodge in Melbourne on Wednesday September 21st. Tickets here.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.