Xmas gifts for music lovers and others


Ah Christmas, that marvellous time of the year where you spend hours frantically running around heaving shopping malls, stressing your tits off as you try to buy something… anything… half-decent for the people in your life. Inevitably you’ll just end up buying them all a large Toblerone and hate yourself for being so useless. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

So you’ll be pleased to learn that we’re here to take some of the pain out of Christmas for you. Here are some ideas for presents…


Harman Kardon’s GO + Play (pictured, top) is a sleek and elegant wireless speaker designed for the discerning listener who seeks the ultimate in style, sound in-house portability. GO + Play is a highly portable and versatile speaker, complete with a stainless steel handle and built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to five hours of play time. Available at JB Hi-Fi. RRP $449.95

Do you have a lower budget? Then how about some Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs. Vibes (pictured below) are earplugs designed for live music: they allow you to protect your hearing without sacrificing sound quality or clarity. Vibes filter acoustics to lower the decibel levels of your environment without muffling and distorting the sound like traditional foam earplugs do. Vibes’ clear-as-glass design makes them virtually invisible, allowing the user to avoid the stigma that often comes with wearing brightly colored earplugs.

Each pair includes: Three sizes of interchangeable eartips to ensure a proper fit for any sized ear / Hard plastic carrying case / Donation to Hear the World Foundation, which provides hearing healthcare to children in need around the world. Vibes are priced at $23.99 per pair, a perfect price point for a relatively inexpensive gift item or stocking stuffer. Details here: http://www.discovervibes.com/

vibes high fidelity ear plugs

Want a sick speaker? This Bluetooth wireless device boasts quality stereo sound unlike any other. Whether you’re on a boat, at the beach, by the pool or dancing in the snow (hello Europe), thanks to a clever waterproof design, the JBL CHARGE 3 (pictured, below) lets you take the party anywhere.

Best yet, the handy inbuilt USB output lets you charge your smartphone and tablet while you’re out and about– meaning you’re never going to be stuck somewhere with a dwindling battery. RRP $229.95. Deets here: au.jbl.com

JBL Charge 3

The Aura Studio, a sleek 360 degree home speaker system with wireless Bluetooth capability, is Harman Kardon’s latest reconsideration of how sound quality and aesthetic design can complement each other. Harman Kardon has engineered the Aura Studio to include a premium cloth grill, a transparent enclosure and a custom built metal structure with illuminating LED to provide a unique audio and visual experience. Available at JB Hi-Fi & Harvey Norman. RRP $399.95


The all-new Everest Series provides extraordinary sound with no strings attached. The flagship products in the range – the JBL Everest Elite 700 Headphones and the JBL Everest Elite 100 – offer a world-first in Bluetooth head/earphones with their Next-Generation active noise cancelling technology, making them the perfect companion for travelling and day-to-day use. RRP Everest 700 (over-ear) $399.95 / RRP Everest 100 (in-ear) $249.95. More deets here: au.jbl.com

Harman Kardon pairs exquisite design and unparalleled sound to launch the Onyx Studio 3, a wireless Bluetooth speaker that unites audio and ergonomics in perfect harmony. Fusing form and function, the Onyx Studio 3 delivers powerful audio with the quintessential Harman Kardon design audiophiles have come to love. Available at JB Hi-Fi. RRP $349.95



The world’s first connected fitness system, the Under Armour (UA) HealthBox is designed to specifically measure, monitor and manage the factors that determine how you feel. The revolutionary system consists of four key elements; the UA Band, UA Scale, UA Heart Rate and UA Record. Through UA HealthBox, data is automatically sent to UA Record, which provides a holistic view of your health based on four quadrants – sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition – through an intuitive single-view dashboard. This snapshot view of your daily progress is set towards individual goals and calculates insights based on your performance, including a brand new metric, “How do you feel?”. RRP $399 Underarmour.com.au


Ideal for travellers, the Parrot Pot (below) looks after your plant while you are on holidays! The brand new Parrot Pot is a smart pot that automatically waters your plants while measuring and analysing the parameters critical to their growth. Connected via Bluetooth Low Energy to your smartphone or tablet, Parrot Pot allows you to visualise and take action via the dedicated app, Parrot Flower Power. So you can essentially check on your plants while you’re travelling (RRP: $229.99). Details here.


With five essential products for all your skincare needs, Goodness is taking natural skincare to the next level with super-cute miniature versions of Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil, Every Morning Moisturiser, Every Evening Cream, Every Week Face Scrub and Every Day Cream Cleanserinside this super-handy kit. Grab & Go Goodness Try-Me Kit is everything you need if you’re planning a trip, need a gift or just want to go ahead and give Goodness a go. It’s just $24.99 (includes Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil – 5ml, Every Day Cream Cleanser – 20ml, Every Week Face Scrub – 10ml, Every Morning Moisturiser – 20ml, Every Evening Cream – 25ml) from here.


Get your family and friends outdoors and out of their comfort zones with Sydney’s highest and largest aerial adventure park. 22 metres (or 8 storeys) high, Skypeak Adventures challenges visitors to tackle bridge walks, barrel runs, rope climbs, chasm jumps, bike riding and trapeze swings whilst suspended in the air. Whether for thrill-seeking friends or just for some family fun, there is an option for everyone including ‘Kids’ Course’ and the spectators’ “Skypeak Walk”. Prices from under $60. Details here: http://skypeak.com.au/