Getting to Know Jack R Reilly


Sydney’s Jack R Reilly has recently released his debut EP, Video Tapes. We asked him to tell us about himself:

I am… Jack R. Reilly. I write songs.

“Video Tapes” is… a concept that grew over a few months. It’s a four track EP about my connection to late 80’s and early 90’s cinema. Exploring love, loss, identity and relationships through the prism of Beetlejuice, Clerks, Labyrinth and Edward Scissorhands.

My gig at Blackwire Records on November 12th will be… suuuuuuch a good time omg. I’m playing with all of my friends, who also happen to be some of my favourite artists.

Home is… a midwestern suburban house on Halloween in 1993. Where I’m the stupid kid brother of a misunderstood new kid 14-year-old who is crushing hard on our neighbour. Our parents are out at a Halloween party, and through some misadventures at a costume/joke shop (that has since vanished, but I could have sworn was right here just yesterday, I swear it, you gotta believe me!) I had inadvertently woken the dead. It’s our job to vanquish the evil spirits before midnight.

I spend too much time… watching Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.

It might surprise people to learn that… (see previous question).

I’m currently listening to… MF DOOM, Tkay and Tom Waits.

In the future… I hope to not have Yves Klein Blue’s About The Future stuck in my head – it’s been there since 2009.

Keep up to date with Jack on Facebook and check out details of his upcoming show here.

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Interview by Bobby Townsend.