Getting to Know Jessy Lanza

Coming to Sydney Festival and Sugar Mountain is a future-pop party thrown by your coolest ex-girlfriend, Jessy Lanza! Her soulful vocals combined with house-inflected 90s R&B promise a woozy, late-night atmosphere in the Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent. Latest album, Oh No has been hailed as one of the best albums of 2016. We asked her to tell us about herself:

I am… a person from Canada who is a bit of a downer.

Oh No is… our attempt to have some fun!

Home is… wherever I can set up my studio and not worry about bothering people with noise.

My upcoming performance at Sydney Festival will be… an incredible and emotionally surreal moment in your life that you have to be there in person to experience.

I spend too much time… watching South Park – actually I love South Park and can’t get enough so let me think again… I watched the Wicker Man remake last night and that seemed too long but I did really enjoy it

It might surprise people to learn that… I don’t like music festivals

In the future… I can’t think too far into the future because it freaks me out so I’m only working three months ahead these days. In the future I will be doing more touring and hopefully writing more music.

Jessy will be performing at Sydney Festival on Jan 20. For tickets and info, head here:

She will also be playing at Sugar Mountain on Jan 21. Details here:

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend. Photo by Alex Welsh