Getting to know New Venusians

Neo-soul outfit New Venusians have recently dropped their debut album and are playing some live shows soon. We asked them to tell us about themselves:

We are fans of drinking tinnies of VB and staring into space whilst pondering the existence of the universe. We love playing music together in our hometown Sydney and also touring when we get the chance. Sometimes we play in other artists’ projects. Some you may have even heard of like Ngaiire and Urthboy. We’re all very musically obsessed and have spent a lot of time honing our craft as a means of furthering our music.

Game Change is a turn of phrase, to some extent, that refers to a sharp shift being made that changes the trajectory of something, be it an actual game, a relationship or maybe a meal you just added too much chilli to. It’s also the name of a song we play in our band New Venusians. The game changer in the song refers to opening up in a relationship. There’s also a musical game change a bit over halfway through where the song shifts gear. I’m sure if you listen you’ll hear it.

Home is sitting in a groove, bathed in sound with all of your best friends around. We try to go there as often as possible but usually we’re a pub somewhere in the inner west of Sydney.

We spend too much time answering emails and not playing music… and also driving to gigs across the vast expanse that is Australia, because we’re poor and nobody pays us enough to fly.

Our debut album is a reflection of our collective love of lush synth sounds and hip hop inspired grooves. We also all love jazz music and psychedelic noise, particularly if it exists within a well crafted song. We tried to do what we love and we loved doing it. It worked to some extent and now that it’s out we can go back for round 2!

It might surprise people to learn that we aren’t actually living on Venus as refugees of the conservative right wing world that planet earth is currently being destroyed by with its human species. It’d be cool to live on Venus but if we tried our fleshy vessels would explode. You can fuck with some shit but you can’t fuck with science.

In the future we’ll all be dead and much of what we have ascribed meaning to will be rendered meaningless. Until then we’ll continue to find meaning in the things we find beautiful and try to translate that into some kind of organised noise that hopefully pleases a few more people than just us. The more we get to do that in a live setting, in as many places as possible, the happier we’ll be.

Catch New Venusians on tour at the following venues:

Thursday 20 April – The Workers Club, Melbourne Vic
Supports: Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange and Allysha Joy ​

Friday 28 April – The Boundary, Brisbane QLD

29 – 30 April – Planting Festival, Brisbane QLD

Thursday 4 May – The Imperial, Sydney NSW
Supports: Ribongia + Godriguez

Thursday 8 June – Rad Bar, Wollongong NSW
Supports: Colourfields

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bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.