Interview: Getting to Know Ani Lou

Tasmanian musician Kate Southorn, aka Ani Lou, has recently released her debut EP, Eralda. We asked her to tell us about herself:

I am Kate and I was born in Tasmania. It’s always been the most natural for me to think creatively; I’m not so good at linear thinking and learning. My brain always switches to day-dream mode (which made schooling challenging).

I started writing and poetry/music at around 12 because I was a worrisome child and it’s been a really positive outlet. I am currently 26 and play under the name Ani Lou; a musical project I started in 2013 when I was house-bound by an illness (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). Around a year and a half ago I began playing live, though I had been recording since starting the project.

Also, maybe more than anything I want a dog sanctuary when I have a enough $$ to do so.

Eralda is a way to let go of the feelings of longing and separation that had built up in my system after being at home a lot over the last few years. A place of dissociation can at times leave room for great creativity. There are many tales of daily living and my internal dialogue in the EP. I want the songs to be conversation openers about the reality of what our lives can be like behind closed doors.

My upcoming EP launch show will be full of new friends, I hope! I’ve not organised an event before so I have a genuine fear that maybe it’ll just be the bands and no one will show, but I’m sure that won’t be the case, hey? I’m excited to hold an event of my own so that I can start learning how to create space’s that allow people to experience the sounds as they were intended.

Home is, at the moment, where my partner is. I have family in NSW and Tasmania so they both feel homely too, but I feel like I could make a home anywhere if I could/wanted to.

I spend too much time watching terrible comedies. But they cheer me up while somehow rejuvenating me! I also spend a lot of time thinking about the dogs I will have in the future.

I’ve never been to Europe. But I’ve wanted to for years. I was just looking at pictures of Italy ❤

It might surprise people to learn that I rarely know what I am playing on guitar. I’m getting better though!

In the future I will hopefully be just as fulfilled as I am now. Also I’ll be overly energised (no walking, just dancing) and travelling the world playing music ~ O, what a time it will be!

Ani Lou’s EP is out now via Bandcamp. Her EP Launch is tonight, June 28 @ Schmørgåsbaag in Hobart.

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bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.