Getting to Know Upright Man

Upright Man recently released their debut album. We asked guitarist/vocalist Aidan Dolan to tell us about the band:

We are Upright Man, a modern rock group based out of NYC. We have been writing songs for a few years together, and I guess when you do that long enough with the same dudes, you name yourself and become a band. Here we are..

Our debut album is titled Upright Man and has been out since August 18th. The tunes range from heavy rocking songs with progressive elements to slower ballads and rootsy grooves, all while maintaining a psychedelic and rock and roll attitude. Our voice as a band evolved out of our collaborations in composing, songwriting, and performing while at NYU and after. We all had done a lot of studying by the time we were all out of school and Upright Man was formed out of the desire to go back to our less intellectual roots and tendencies in music. We wanted to be a band and rock and be more intuitive about our music, so that’s what we did.

Home is New York City. We all live near or in Manhattan and met at New York University about four years ago at the music program. The band has been together for a little over two years and we can’t say that the city is the friendliest home to new and developing bands, but there’s nothing like it and we’re not leaving.

We spend too much time talking, not enough rocking! Don’t we all? But really, how did this songwriting session become about Donald Trump? Our time of writing and recording has come to an end and the Upright Man must go on his coming of age journey into the world of business, travelling, and booking shows.

We’ve never experienced this kind of life before.

It might surprise people to learn that Upright Man has always existed, we are just a recent incarnation.

In the future, there will many Upright Man tours and albums, all coming together as one in the form of an epic seven-day long opera, dwarfing Wagner’s ring cycle.

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bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend. Photo by Sloane Morrison.