Getting to know Jacob Diamond

Western Australian artist Jacob Diamond recently released his latest single, Blue Begets Blue. We asked him to tell us about himself:

I am Jacob Diamond. Hey. I’m a 24 year-old 24hr frazzled singer-songwriter from Perth. I’ve been working on singing and writing songs forever and I think I’m starting to like it? Released an EP called ‘um’ this year (a title that sorta sums up my vibe), as well as a few singles from my debut record. Probs coming to a town near you to play sometime soon, so look out for long haired stress-head asking for directions/hugs.

Blue Begets Blue is a break-up song. soz. More broadly though, it’s a song about how sadness and regret eat themselves up and affect everything other corner of your life. It’s presented in a faux-pos, faux-island-chill style to represent that ‘haha everything’s fine!?’ feeling we sometimes adopt against our better judgement.

My upcoming album will be a relief to finally release! The songs were written over five years, and the collection I chose for the record cover confusion/loss/regret (ala Blue Begets Blue) on ‘side a’, and move through all the way to #acceptance at the end of ‘side b’. It’s called ‘Goodbye Gondwana’ and it documents the changing of a way of life. I recorded it with my stellar band and producer/bud/wizard Lachlan Carrick (Gotye/Gretta Ray/Ainslie Wills) all over Australia. I think it’ll be the biggest Australian release since Bec Cartwrights ‘All Seats Taken’.

Home is in sunny Leederville, Perth, more precisely in my lil bedroom’s tone zone. It’s also nice to be close to my goofy fam/buds for those nourishing emotional top-ups.

I spend too much time stressing, as I’ve made (too?) clear. I’m moments away from packing/getting on a plane so I think that vibe is pouring forth from my fingertips onto this keyboard. Will keep you posted re: survival.

I’ve never punched someone in the face.

It might surprise people to learn that I’m pretty obsessed with musicals. Like, I’m an anywhere, anytime any amount of money type of musical guy. Simultaneously, super fan of the AFL? I’m essentially just a goddamn mess.

In the future I hope the people I hold dear can marry who they’d like, I hope our nation’s first people can be wholly understood and respected, I hope to stress less, I hope to be able to make records until I die from something un-stress-related (that really seems to be the overarching theme here) and I hope to see you at a show.

Catch Jacob at the following venues:

13 Oct – Sappho Books, Sydney
14 Oct – Foundry Records, Brisbane
15 Oct – Gasometer, Melbourne
22 Oct – 459, Perth

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Interview by Bobby Townsend