Getting to Know Tuva Finserås

Norwegian-born, Melbourne-based artist Tuva Finserås recently released her new single ‘Pack of Wolves’. We asked her to tell us about herself:

I am a Norwegian (born with skis on my feet). I’m a singer, songwriter and composer with a classical piano background. My music is a psychedelic blend between electronic/acoustic sounds and Indie/folk songwriting. My favourite artist at the moment is Lykke Li. The last TV series I watched on Netflix is ‘Alias Grace’. I love travelling, nature, and Australia’s hot weather. I don’t take myself seriously, so if someone is laughing at me, I’ll laugh with them. I’ll also laugh in places I’m not supposed to laugh.

“Pack of Wolves” is my new single, and one of my most personal songs. Although the lyrics are a bit different, there’s a lot behind them. The wolves are a metaphor of the bad thoughts in your mind haunting you and trying to take you away to a bad place. As I’m sure many people have experienced, thoughts can take control over your life and can be overwhelming after a while you feel there are less positive thoughts left. It’s like a bad circle – you’re trying to run away from your thoughts, but the more you do, the faster they run trying to get to you.

Home is where your heart is, which is literally now in Melbourne. I moved from Norway to Australia almost three years ago, wanting to pursue a music career over here in this wonderful city! I love Norway as well, nature there is different and wonderful, so I’ll manage traveling back and forth. Melbourne is a great city, and I felt at home here straight away. Well, not the first two weeks… It was kind of a shock coming half the world away alone and it was a big change of season, but happy ever after!

I spend too much time thinking. I take ages making decisions, even the smallest ones which is ridiculous. I’m always trying to figure out reasons behind things. Right now I’m thinking about the speaking voice that people say they have in their head, but I don’t think I have it? People often ask me “Do I think in Norwegian or English?”, but I seem to not think in words or in any language. Isn’t that weird? Actually, I think the answer is I spend too much time being confused.

I’ve never seen the Northern Lights. I’ve travelled quite a bit, been to Nepal, Thailand, South Africa, Tanzania, France and the Canary Islands, but I’ve actually not seen too much of Norway! I would like to explore more of the west side and north of Norway, as it is described as really beautiful surrounded by fjords and mountains. I would love to stay in the Ice Hotel in Alta or in an igloo and experience the Aurora Borealis.

It might surprise people to learn that I’ve never finished a song I’m not happy with. I’m happy with all my songs, because I only go all the way with the ones I really like. When I’m half way through a song and it doesn’t feel very strong, I don’t finish them. I just want to be fully happy with my songs, and don’t waste time on songs that are just okay, and not great! The same goes for songs I listen to. I want them to be very good, if not I’m afraid my taste will turn bad and I will end up writing bad songs.

In 2018, I hope to do lots of gigs! I want to get more into the live scene here in Melbourne, and get a really great set together! I’m also going to release my very first EP early next year, which I’m really looking forward to!

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bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.