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The Keeper Of Lost Causes – Film review’s J. Alistair Darcy battles some seriously aggressive lifts en route to checking out Danish movie “Kvinden i buret”: Initially, I wasn’t so sure I was going to make it to the preview screening at… Read More

The Lunchbox – Film Review

Holding Irrfan Khan (recognisable from Life of Pi, The Amazing Spiderman and Slumdog Millionaire) in high regard, we sent Carol Bowditch to check out The Lunchbox: A carefully prepared meal is passed though many… Read More

Yves Saint Laurent, Film Review

Yves Saint Laurent is a biopic based on the iconic designer and his progression from a painfully shy 21-year-old aspiring designer to a man who single handedly revolutionised the fashion world and at… Read More

The Volcano – Movie Review

From the creators of the delightful The Intouchables is The Volcano (alternative title – Eyjafjallajökull), a hilarious French-language romp that follows two ex-lovers that by chance (due to Eyjafjallajökull, an active volcano in… Read More

Garish Hearts is uniquely Sydney

The debut feature from production company Ruin Films is Garish Hearts, an absurdist melodrama featuring many familiar Sydney faces and locations; distorted through the peculiar lens of Jay Cruikshank and Angela Garrick. The film… Read More

Two Faces of January – Film review

Celebrity guest contributor, the legendary Hugh Cornwell, reviews the new movie starring Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen and Oscar Isaac, which is centred on a con-artist, his wife and a stranger, who flee Athens after one… Read More

Film Review: Frank dark comedic bliss

Frank (Michael Fassbender) is eccentric with boundless creative energy and has the making of a very famous musician. He is however, trapped within an enormous novelty head constructed of papier-mâché. We follow Frank… Read More

Kumiko The Treasure Hunter – Film Review

Carol Bowditch checks out the quirky charm of Kumiko The Treasure Hunter, which is showing at this year’s Sydney Film Festival: A 29 year-old Japanese woman called Kumiko waddles with determination through the tundra of a… Read More

Visitors (Die Besucher) – Film review

Visitors (Die Besucher) directed by Constanze Knoche, was screened in Sydney recently as part of the annual Audi Festival of German Films.’s Chloe Mayne gives it the once-over: Visitors is the kind of… Read More

Audi Festival of German Films: Oh Boy

We recently featured Just a Sigh, which is currently travelling Australia with the Alliance Française French Film Festival. Today we take you geographically East with Oh Boy, a feature that is part of the Audi… Read More

Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music, review

We sent Jess O’Callaghan to check out Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music in Sydney: Question: Do you know the lyrics to “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”? When someone says they’re sixteen, does your mind kind of… Read More

Film review: Nebraska is truly special

Damian Galbarini checks out the new film from Alexander Payne, the director of ‘Sideways’ and ‘The Descendants’: We open to a smoggy, traffic-congested freeway, appearing all the more desolate when drenched in black and white… Read More