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Track-by-track with Howl at the Moon

One of our fave albums so far this year has been Howl at the Moon‘s Squalls. So we thought we’d get vocalist/guitarist Katie Scott to talk us through it, track by track:  I’m always interested… Read More

Ball Park Music talk gigs and Weezer

Elfy Scott has a chat to Ball Park Music about their new LP, their live show and just how excited they are about supporting Weezer in January: When initially offered a phone interview… Read More

The Fearless Vampire Killers – Mexico

We interviewed and reviewed The Fearless Vampire Killers not too long ago and found them to be both bloody nice chaps and jolly good live. And, of course, they slay a mean vampire. So… Read More

DJ Cam interview

Seminal Hip Hop Producer DJ Cam will be performing an ultra-rare London DJ set on the 27th October at The Forum in support of a stellar line up which includes The Herbaliser, Belleruche… Read More

“An Invincible Summer…”

After spending the Aussie summer in the northern hemisphere, Sydney based musician Matt James came home with an idea of forming a collective called The Invincible Summer, inspired by Albert Camus’ quote which he… Read More

Tinpan Orange: stories of songs

Emily Lubitz of Tinpan Orange, talks us through the songs on the band’s new album, Over The Sun: Birdy It’s about the fear that maybe your life isn’t spectacular enough. It’s about the anxiety… Read More

Anchorsong interview

Something You Said’s 25ThC had a chat with Anchorsong in the build-up to this Saturday’s London show: Having now been in Europe since 2007, what are the main differences between being an electronic artist… Read More

Future Classic DJs talk compilations

Carol has a chat with Future Classic DJ’s: Why did you decide to release the Future Classic DJ’s compilation album? Lots of people who listen to our Soundcloud mixes were ask for a… Read More

Interview: Getting to Know Ruby Frost

Ruby Frost tells Something You Said a bit about herself:  I am a girl with pink hair called Ruby Frost. Volition is the name of my debut album project! It’s taken two whole… Read More

Getting to Know Julia & The Deep Sea Sirens

Julia Johnson tells Something You Said about her band:  Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens are a band of Canberran musicians who I gathered together to play my songs. I feel very lucky… Read More

Clytem Scanning interview

Paris’ own Clytem Scanning, has a chat with SYS about her new LP and about what else she’s got going on: Tell me about your new album Mirada Fuerte. How does it differ from your… Read More

All my friends are dying, A Jack Mannix interview’s Marta Jary interviewed close friend Jack Mannix. What began as a seemingly straightforward exchange regarding Jack’s band, Circle Pit, soon evolved into a startlingly honest conversation about how he came to work… Read More