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Playlist – Smoke Rings bring happiness

Smoke Rings recently dropped their new single, ‘Happiness. To celebrate, they’ve put together a happiness playlist.

Interview: Getting to Know Woan Ni

Up-n-coming Sydney-based model Woan Ni tells us about satisfying her obsessions:  I am on the train heading to a few castings. Sunny days. Modelling is a job, where the rewards and risks have an exponential relationship… Read More

Getting to Know Abbey Ashton

Sydney-based model Abbey Ashton is currently across the world in London. She took some time off from YouTubing compilations of goats to tell us about herself:  I am from a small town in Tasmania. No, I… Read More

Lily and Madeleine interview

Indianapolis born and raised teenage sisters, Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz, are setting tongues wagging at the moment with their beautiful folk pop. The duo recently toured the United Kingdom, performing songs from their acclaimed debut… Read More

Interview: Syd2030’s Tatjana Alexis

When I hear the term “webisode” I feel like I’m watching a babyboomer’s powerpoint presentation on the future of multimedia. Unless I feel like being skullfucked by 3D at the cinema, everything I… Read More

Boy – Mutual Friends

Boy – Mutual Friends A quick history lesson. Swiss-born singer Valeska Steiner moved to Germany, where in 2005 she met Sonja Glass, who grew up there playing the cello in classical orchestras as… Read More

Youtube bans Voltaire Twins but we don’t

So, Perth indie synth poppers Voltaire Twins proudly and happily put their new clip online this week, only for those stuffy old badgers at Youtube to rip it down after less then 24… Read More

Benjamin Francis Leftwich interview

SYS chatted to the very nice Benjamin Francis Leftwich, fresh from the airport after he had played a gig in Melbourne the night before and ahead of the release of his debut album,… Read More