Chilly Gonzales review

Something You Said reviewer Golden Lady falls in love with Chilly Gonzales’ new album, Solo Piano II :

A gentle, thoughtful and whimsical journey this is.

It’s elegance, inspiring deserved critical acclaim, yet melodic and interesting enough to appeal to a less classically inclined audience. The uniqueness of this, clearly being a significant reason so many a youthful spirit have never explored the genre previously. Well, Solo Piano II may in fact be one record that manages to transverse those musical boundaries.

Chilly Gonzales, otherwise known simply as Gonzales, is an exceptionally talented musician, one who has carved a career out of fusing unlikely musical genres. He appeals to a cross-over audience with his adventurous personality and indie/hip hop musings. He’s most notably collaborated with Feist as producer and fellow musician, as well as Peaches and French icon Jane Birkin. A modern day Serge Gainsbourg if you will.

Solo Piano II was recorded over 10 days in Paris’ Studio Pigalle. Fitting really, as one easily envisions a more nostalgic time when listening to his songs. A time perhaps in Europe where bars were spilling with absinthe-infected patrons of the arts, a time cheerfully explored in Woody Allen’s recent film Midnight in Paris, where we stumble upon a drunken Ernest Hemingway rowing with Zelda Fitzgerald, where one can easily imagine Gonzales playing in the background.

The beauty within these tracks lies in their sheer eloquence; there are no unnecessary adornments. At times, such as in stand out track, Rideaux Lunaires, you’re reminded of Gonzales’ more eccentric journey as a musician. Pop embellishments and interesting punctuations keep you intrigued. Then there are the more romantic pieces, like the beautiful ballad, Escher, sad and nostalgic. A song you could easily fall in love to. In fact Solo Piano II is an entire album you could fall in love to. It’s full of heart and longing, reminding you of just how powerful the simplest music can be.


Review by Golden Lady