Listen to the entire Young Dreams album

Call us chin-stroking-Lefties if you like, but The Guardian is totally our favourite newspaper, so when they describe a band thusly, we pay attention: “Say a new group came along and they were a cross between Fleet Foxes and the Beach Boys, they’d be one of the best things we’re heard all year, right?”

They’re talking about Norwegian outfit, Young Dreams, who have brought their own slant to 60’s surf pop and are currently making waves all over the globe. Their new album, Between Places, is out now and the above clip, First Days of Something, is the second single to be lifted from it. Directed by frequent collaborator and creative ally Kristoffer Borgli, it’s a distinctively filmed, unusually tracked music video. The song plays as a backgrounded, sporadic soundtrack to the main event: the melancholy narrative of a man in a falling-apart long-distance relationship: isolated, self-loathing and fucking up as he feels his relationship disintegrate. We’ve all been there, amiright?

If you like what you see/hear, then you can listen to the whole album right here and now!