Album Review: Daughn Gibson – Me Moan

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Neil Martin listens to the sophomore longplayer from an acclaimed American singer-songwriter:

Daughn Gibson’s 2012 debut, All Hell, was a swampy gothic backwoods country album comprised in the main of samples of old country records with Gibson’s dramatic reverb drenched baritone over the top. The former Pearls And Brass drummer found an intriguing and original take on modern Americana that was one of my highlights of 2012.

His sophomore effort, Me Moan, bolsters the sample-driven modus operandi of All Hell with a full band and whilst this produces a more traditional straightforward sound it doesn’t quite possess the same outsider music feel that led to him being described as “Johnny Cash meets James Blake”. That’s not to say there isn’t a hell of a lot to enjoy in Me Moan. Gibson’s booming baritone is still luxuriant and satisfying and the songs have a more propulsive direct feel than their predecessor. Beneath the gothic fog there is a keen pop sensibility at work here that combines the dusty rural sound of old America with some lovely shiny electronic flourishes.

There are times when it recalls the likes of Depeche Mode (which is odd as I don’t like Depeche Mode but I really like this) but mostly it sounds distinctly like Daughn Gibson. The bagpipe driven Mad Ocean is the shimmering highlight in an album packed with curious gems. Gibson is a unique voice with a peculiarly distinct vision that twists an often overly earnest and tired genre into interesting new shapes.

Daughn plays at The Haunt in Brighton on Sept 1st. Grab a ticket here

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Review by Neil Martin