Getting to know JD & The Straight Shot

New York City-based Americana band JD & The Straight Shot recently released their sixth studio album, Good Luck And Good Night. We asked fiddler/violinist/backing singer Erin Slaver to tell us about the band:

We are JD & The Straight Shot. Making music in Americana territory with uncharted horizons.

Good Luck And Good Night is worth a listen. It’s the result of collaboration between a blues man, a ‘grasser, a poet, a legendary percussionist, and a violinist/fiddler hybrid (that’s me). It’s the name of the album and title song to JD & The Straight Shot’s latest release. The music is close to my heart and I believe the songs have the ability to affect people. We got creative, took chances, sang about Charles Dickens’ characters and had bluegrass jams, cross contaminated with gospel harmonies and retro sixties rock. We even chose to touch on some of life’s more difficult subjects.

Home is in Nashville. And it’s also a mess. But I’m a touring musician and a mom to a 13-month-old. I have an excuse right?

We spend too much time talking about music gear.

We’ve never released an album that we are all so proud of as we are of Good Luck And Good Night.

It might surprise people to learn that Good Luck And Good Night is a play on Edward R. Murrow’s famous catch line “Good night and good luck.” There is some irony in our choice.

In the future, other than taking the Americana sound by storm 😉 we’ll be traveling to Europe in November, opening for The Doobie Brothers and doing some headlining shows of our own. We plan to tour in the new year as well, so stay tuned and keep in touch with us at: and on Twitter and Instagram!

You can buy the album here.

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend. Photo by Kristin Barlowe.