Getting to know Lo Carmen – interview & video premiere!

Lo Carmen is set to release her brand new album ‘Everyone You Ever Knew (Is Coming Back To Haunt You)’ in early November and you can pre-order it now. In anticipation, we are excitedly premiering her new video of the same name. Check it out, above, and then find out more about the Australia-born, LA-based singer/songwriter below, as she tells us all about herself:

I am Lo Carmen. Also known as Loene, but since no-one could ever spell or pronounce it, I thought I’d simplify things for everyone. Sometimes my family calls me Slow-ene.

Everyone You Ever Knew (Is Coming Back To Haunt You) is a song that has been driving me crazy half playing in the back corners of my mind for literally years and I could never quite work out what came before or after the chorus. The night before we recorded I sat down and wrote the rest in one hit and then collapsed in relief. I’m not exactly sure what its about but it kinda scares me.

Los Angeles is hot and hungry, tough and tawdry, a place for work, coyotes, cactus, sunshine, Wholefoods and taco trucks and The Eagles on the radio

I spend too much time doing the dishes.

My new video clip was filmed in Griffin, Georgia on a beautiful property called Meadowlark Gardens. Griffin is where my husband shoots the Sundance series Rectify so we spend a lot of time there.
One day when he came home exhausted from work I was waiting in my crazy hot pink bell sleeves, handed him a camera and said ‘Follow me’. He didn’t have much choice in the matter but he certainly rose to the occasion. A friend from there said she had spied that dress in a local thrift store and had to buy it for me – not sure what that says about me but it sure made me happy.

It might surprise people to learn that I wish I was a professional tambourinist.

In 2016, I’m probably going to continue to do what I always do; write songs, record songs, listen to songs and perform songs, amidst sporadic attempts at learning French, geography and how to play lap steel. Among other things.

Lo Carmen’s new album. ‘Everyone You Ever Knew (Is Coming Back To Haunt You)’ is available for pre-order now

bobby townsend


Interview by Bobby Townsend.