Interview: The Growlers are psyched

Getting a girl to pose nude on an hour’s notice, completing a nine-track EP in three weeks, advocating old school machoism and essentially running an orphanage from his home; soulful singer and frontman… Read More

Jack Mannix’s Precious Metals

Oliver Heath talks candidly about his friendship with Australian photographer, Jack Mannix:  My friend, Jack Mannix has his first solo photography exhibition titled ‘Precious Metals’  opening this week. I had the pleasure of shooting… Read More

Rankin and Samsung are Launching People

Here at, we pride ourselves on offering a platform for emerging talent to show just how awesome they are. We hope that our site is a stepping stone towards some great careers… Read More

Soundwave 2014 Brisbane – review

Soundwave is over for another year. The festival that draws a different crowd to its competitors has done it again, with an excellent balance of acts that satisfied those wanting to see up-and-coming… Read More

Nick Saxon, Burn – Video Premiere

We’re delighted today to premiere the video of the debut single from travelling Australian singer/songwriter Nick Saxon. It’s called Burn and if you’re an admirer of dirty ol’ Westerns, with true grit guitar… Read More

Tales in Space – Getting to know

Tales In Space, the Sydney-based duo behind the infectious 2013 award-winning hit ‘Shades’, are back and ready to unleash their new electro-pop single ‘All Messed Up’. Pieman from the band tells us more:… Read More

The 1975 live in Birmingham

Joining the ever-growing line that caused inconvenience across multiple Birmingham pavements, I waited patiently for The 1975. Okay I didn’t wait patiently. It was a really long queue, it was freezing cold and… Read More

Private Life, Otherside – Musical Game

Growing up, when the humble household PC wasn’t being used for #hashtagging, Skyping or monitoring fortnightly dole payments, I spent a grand amount of time playing games on the World Wide Web. Nothing… Read More

Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music, review

We sent Jess O’Callaghan to check out Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music in Sydney: Question: Do you know the lyrics to “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”? When someone says they’re sixteen, does your mind kind of… Read More

Nick Mulvey, Cucurucu – Music video

Why do I find such pleasure in repetition? The chorus of Nick Mulvey’s new song is so delightfully singalongable as he churps the title line ‘cu-cu-ur-u’, especially after I have envountered a 24-hour… Read More

Free Cut Copy download – We Are Explorers

Generous Australian electronic legends Cut Copy are, once again, giving stuff away for freesies. The latest track they are donating to music lovers’ record collections is a remix of the new single from their… Read More

Interview: Mad Professor is hungry

Legendary dub producer Mad Professor is appearing at this year’s Malasimbo Music and Arts festival (27th February – 3rd March 2014) in the Philippines where he takes over the Monday session with his Roots of… Read More