Interview: Syd2030′s Tatjana Alexis

When I hear the term “webisode” I feel like I’m watching a babyboomer’s powerpoint presentation on the future of multimedia. Unless I feel like being skullfucked by 3D at the cinema, everything I… Read More

Top three acts to see at Listen Out

In the depths of (Australia’s admittedly less-than-bleak) midwinter, my thoughts naturally turn to that most joyous of summer rituals: the festival. Top pick this year is undoubtedly Listen Out, Fuzzy‘s new offering while… Read More

Lungs are Faraway Loners

Lungs is the offshoot project from indie legends Guillemots. The duo is formed of interestingly-monikered guitarist MC Lord Magrão and vocalist Suzie Blake. Their music is dreamy, with foggy, atmospheric sounds layering Blake’s… Read More

Photos: Kirin J Callinan for 2ser Radio

Right, we’re prolly gonna have to change the name of our website from Something You Said to Earlier this week, when we posted the Sydneysider’s latest video clip, we admitted that in… Read More

Summer songs to help you embrace the heat

 Remember how we interviewed New York-based model/actress Jessamine Kelley last week? Well, we were so impressed by her writing style and her music taste that we’ve invited her to join Team Something You… Read More

Film review: The Bling Ring

We have a look at The Bling Ring, the latest flick from Sofia Coppola: Sofia Coppola is the cinematic equivalent of Christmas gift wrapping. Colourful and enticing. She’s masterful at decorating her films… Read More

Twin Lakes’ Top 5 Winter Destinations

In their year together, Newcastle/Sydney band Twin Lakes have permeating the local music scene with layers of folk/rock. Their music has a pastoral resonance that nods to bands like The Dears, Doves, Silversun Pickups,… Read More

Fashion’s weighty problem

Former model Tenley Nordstrom discusses a constantly-debated argument from a different angle: Just about every other week there seems to be controversy stirring up over too-thin models. The level of discussion ranges widely… Read More

Baby Strange are your new friend is currently in Glasgow for a 90th birthday party (true story, rock’n’roll hey?), so we consider it only fitting that we feature one of the fine city’s most up-n-coming bands. Baby Strange… Read More

All eyes on the Ghostly Collection

We like to have you looking your finest here at We give you the heads-up on interesting fashions and we provide denim options that make your bum look oh-so-nice, but sometimes we put too much focus… Read More

Lovelace Fails at Liberating Role

Carol Bowditch checked out Amanda Seyfried’s rockin boobies: I included Lovelace on a whim within my selection of highlights for The Sydney Film Festival as I thought it would be a tounge-in-cheek story… Read More

Kirin J Callinan – Victoria M

We make little secret of our adoration of Kirin J Callinan here at Already this year we’ve interviewed him, reviewed his live show and his debut album and featured his video clips.… Read More