Interview: Them Bruins Get Raucous

Rowdy Melbourne-based four-piece Them Bruins have been storming 2015 with the release of ‘Walk A Line’, the first taste of their upcoming debut. Chloe Keung caught up with the band to talk tunes,… Read More

Music: Tame Impala Let It Happen

An inherent and at times frustrating characteristic of stoner/psychedelic rock is its artists’ apparent inability to adapt and evolve; often a psychedelic band’s follow-up album shares the same creative postcode as its predecessor.… Read More

Lifestyle: Why I Love Crochet

As autumn begins to creep between the sheets of the southern hemisphere, Chloe Mayne (re)discovers a woolly way to fill the time: After a long summer of luxuriating in sandy toes, salty hair… Read More

Review: Death Grips, that powers that b

Chloe Mayne checks out the epic new record from Sacramento-based industrial electro-hoppers Death Grips: My relationship with Death Grips feels like it’s in an odd sort of flux. Ever since the day that… Read More

Life imitates art: David Walsh and Dan Yack

A Dedication By Nathan Roche Modern Australia doesn’t have such a good track-record of successful moneymakers and tycoons directing their money to a worthy cultural or even tasteful cause. Frankly, most of the… Read More

Movie Review: The Salt of the Earth

For over four decades, photographer Sebastião Salgado has been making his way through the continents, all the while capturing images of conflict, starvation and exodus, and this new film from Wim Wenders sees him reflect on… Read More

Review: The Prodigy, The Day Is My Enemy’s Chloe Mayne considers the latest offering from the UK legends: I feel as though I should definitely preface this humble sliver of sonic opinion by saying that I’m no Prodigy diehard. If I had… Read More

Holler And Haul Bring The Carnival

Blossoming from the back of a converted ’68 Dodge, Holler and Haul is a travelling carnival that’s bringing lashings of entertainment/good times/great tunes to an Australian backyard near you: The sun sets upon the… Read More

Album Review: Tobias Jesso Jr, Goon

Tobias Jesso Jr is the tall, scruffy, dark-haired musician who could be mistaken for Neil Gaiman at a brisk glance. He is a sweet Canadian singer-songwriter who finds comfort behind a guitar, but… Read More

Movie Review: Black Sea is claustrophobic

Academy Award-winning director Kevin Macdonald (Touching the Void, The Last King of Scotland) returns with an under the sea thriller starring Jude Law. But what’s going on with that Scottish accent? Bobby Townsend investigates:… Read More

Live review: Adalita in Melbourne

Adalita’s run of shows at Melbourne’s Gasometer came to a close last week.’s Adrian Pedić was there to check it out: As the last night of Adalita’s residency, Wednesday night was a showcase… Read More

Album review: Prins Obi, Notions

Chloe Mayne checks out the gorgeous debut record from Greek musician and neo-psychedelic gem Prins Obi: Prins Obi is the adopted moniker of Greek musician George Dimakis. Not only is Dimakis a member of… Read More

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