Music Video: Lily and Madeleine

Let’s be honest, there are certainly several worse things that could be uttered about a band than, “They’re a bit like First Aid Kit.” Introducing Lily and Madeleine who bear several strong resemblances to… Read More

Kinder, Star Wars & forced perspective

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Music interview: Mark Professor

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Video: Model and beatmaker Sara Grabek

When we first chanced upon Polish-born, England-based model, Sara Grabek, at Brighton Fashion Week a few years ago, we encountered an up-n-coming model with potential. She’s continued to remain on our radar, and… Read More

Calling Australia’s Rising Producers

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Exclusive Vaudeville Smash single stream

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Music: Free Eleanor Dunlop download

Here at, we fell head-over-heels in love with dark indie-art-pop band Cameras. Sadly, the Australian act are now defunct, but the good news is that the band members have gone on to… Read More

Film review: Patrick is highly recommended

After killing his mother and her lover some years previously, Patrick is the comatose patient in a remote, private psychiatric clinic.’s Tammy Potakh braves her fear of horror movies to check it out:… Read More

Five things plus-size designers get wrong

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Ghostpoet London ticket giveaway

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Live Review: Gooch Palms in Sydney

The Newcastle aficionados of punk and punk stage antics – Gooch Palms – have been making memorable impressions on unsuspecting audiences for a few years now. With a live set which is known… Read More

Art: Venice and the Biennale’s Carol Bowditch checked out the 55th incarnation of the Biennale in Italy’s watery city: The romance of a city drowned in water, with neat winding lanes, no cars and chocolate shops in excess had initially… Read More