Exists demonstrates the stupidity of humans

Addy Fong checks out the latest flick from Blair Witch Project co-director Eduardo Sanchez: Legendary creatures are mysterious and rarely seen, so upon hearing about a film that portrayed a Sasquatch, or Bigfoot… Read More

Video: Kayslee Collins is Fearless

California-born singer/songwriter and model, Kayslee Collins has been on our radar for a while now, so we’re excited that she’s just unleashed a brand new video clip for new single, Fearless. The video is… Read More

Something You Said’s year in Fashion

To kick-off our reviews of 2014, Liana Gow-Killingbeck considers the last twelve months in fashion. The good, the bad, and the “downright frustrating bullshit”:  It’s been an infuriating year for me when looking back… Read More

Reasons Glebe is the best/worst suburb

Somethingyousaid.com’s Matt Lengren offers three reasons Glebe is the best (or possibly worst – perception is key) Sydney suburb in which to live: Local Characters Whoever coined the phrase ‘keep your friends close… Read More

New Music: Red Bull 20before15

Wanna hear some sick new sounds? Well, here’s something pretty cool. As part of an overarching commitment to nurture a network of creatives and their artistic development, Red Bull are in the process of delivering… Read More

OutsideIn Festival in Sydney – Photos

OutsideIn, Sydney’s boutique festival, recently came, saw and kicked some serious arse. After previously selling-out the 2012 and 2013 editions, this year’s OutsideIn Festival also played out to a full-house, with a line-up that… Read More

Sponsored Video: Hello Airbnb Australia

As any switched-on travel-enthusiast will testify, the world is unquestionably getting smaller. Thankfully this isn’t a worrying consequence of global warming (don’t worry, the world isn’t literally getting smaller!), but rather an exciting result… Read More

St.George OpenAir Cinema 2015

Summertime in Sydney is pretty much unbeatable, right? Well, it just got even more unbeatable (wait, is it possible to be “more unbeatable?” Hmmm, dunno). Anyway, semantics aside, your summer evenings are now… Read More

Review: The Interstellar OMP Soundtrack

Four scores and eight years ago, Hans Zimmer began his now long-standing collaboration with director Christopher Nolan. He now returns to be part of his latest endeavour, Interstellar. It presents itself to be… Read More

Video Premiere: Bronte – Us Vs Them

We’re delighted today to be Premiering the new video from Sydney singer and songwriter Liam McAlary, better known as Bronte. Bronte is someone for whom lyrics and storytelling are incredibly important. He clearly gives a shit.… Read More

Music interview: Getting To Know Low Lux

Sydney-based Low Lux are comprised of some familiar faces, including members of the highly-acclaimed Bridezilla and Post Paint. We asked Daisy Tulley from the band to tell us a bit more:  Low Lux is… Read More

Hans Lo and Jack Featherstone interview

Simian Mobile Disco present a rare, large scale AV disco set of their latest album at The Brighton Dome this December. This will involve the duo’s analogue-led beats complemented by an impressive visual show created… Read More