Live Review: Gooch Palms in Sydney

The Newcastle aficionados of punk and punk stage antics – Gooch Palms – have been making memorable impressions on unsuspecting audiences for a few years now. With a live set which is known… Read More

Art: Venice and the Biennale’s Carol Bowditch checked out the 55th incarnation of the Biennale in Italy’s watery city: The romance of a city drowned in water, with neat winding lanes, no cars and chocolate shops in excess had initially… Read More

Music interview: Freddie Gibbs is Walter White

He grew up in the marginal ghetto in Indiana and didn’t start pursuing music until he was 21-years-old. His uncompromising rhymes are filled with violent, unpredictable and alarming stories of his life on… Read More

Music video: Silver Swans, Sea of Love

We receive a lot of music videos featuring cookie-cutter indie bands – all floppy-fringed, pasty of face and sounding exactly the same. Our hearts don’t exactly skip a beat with excitement at the latest… Read More

Kick start the Cat Skin film project

Cat Skin is a film project created by an enthusiastic group of talented young things from Brighton. The film follows, within close range, the troubled tale of a photography student and her pursuit… Read More

Music Video: Cut Copy, Free Your Mind

So, your latest single is a psychedelic, electronic synth scream – an absolute winner – and you require a suitably eye-catching video-clip to match. What do you do? Well, if you’re Australian electro… Read More

Mr Benn can’t argue with a dub bassline

Mr Benn is a Bristol-based reggae, dancehall, soca producer who has released one of the best new albums of 2013, Shake a Leg.’s 25ThC finds out a bit more about him, the album and… Read More

Arriving soon: Smirnoff Double Black

You know frustrating it is when you see interminable trailers at the cinema which essentially reveal the movie’s entire plot, to the extent that you probably don’t have to bother seeing it anymore?… Read More

Music Video: Elizabeth Rose, The Good Life

Being the only lady included in the esteemed inthemix’s 25 Under 25: Young Stars Leading into 2013, and also this year’s SOYA winner, Elizabeth Rose is a fine example for females making sweet… Read More

Film review: Metallica Through the Never’s Colin Delaney discovers that ‘Metallica Through the Never’ is epically righteous for fans: After 32 years on the grind, Metallica have built an epic empire with their music reinforced by a strong… Read More

A meditation on joy via a Welsh Elvis Festival’s Tom Spooner spends quality time in Wales with some Elvis impersonators: Joy takes you by surprise. It can hit you like a freight train or rise up inside you like bubbles blown in… Read More

Video: Sally Seltmann, Needle in the Hay

Never before has there been such creative use of a pink lambington! The ‘psychodelcious’ video for Needle in the Hay features candy explosions of Wonka proportions. The song, by award-winning songstress Sally Seltmann, tells… Read More