Passenger, Whispers – Album review

Listening to Whispers, the new longplayer from Brighton-born chart topper Passenger, I could forgive my partner for asking if this was the new James Blunt album. The two have a very similar style. Although Blunty… Read More

The Hunger Games’ District Heroes

The first two Hunger Games instalments offered utterly engaging and thrilling teen action with a brain and a conscience. Also, Katniss Everdeen proved to be a strong, female role-model. However, if you’ve been following the… Read More

Coming soon: The Inbetweeners 2

Turning sitcoms into full length movies can be a precarious business. For every ace adaptation like Partridge’s Alpha Papa or The South Park Movie, there’s a disappointment like Guest House Paradiso – a poor effort from the… Read More

Teeth & Tongue live in Sydney – Photos

Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Jess Cornelius, otherwise known as Teeth & Tongue, brought her full band to Sydney’s Goodgod this week as part of her current Australian tour. Performing tracks from latest album Grids in all… Read More

Coldplay film their new clip in Newtown

Coldplay don’t often feature especially heavily here at Don’t get us wrong, we’re don’t subscribe to the notion that you have to hate on Coldplay. Indeed, their early records are great and… Read More

Jen Cloher’s Stone Age Brain

Do you feel like some foot stomping, hip shaking, raucous swagger? Yes? Well that’s good, because Melbourne artist Jen Cloher has just dropped an ace new single which is exactly that. Stone Age Brain is an unapologetic romp… Read More

Interview: Neil Harbisson is a Cyborg

Neil Harbisson is a cyborg who listens to colour via an antenna drilled into his skull. Seriously. The 31-year-old, British-Spanish artist (pictured, above) has always lived a kinda weird life. He was born… Read More

Contrast, Less Than Zero – EP review

Kaya Strehler reviews the newest offering from Australian four-piece, Contrast. It’s got something to do with desserts, apparently: Melbourne-based Contrast have followed up the release of their single, Pipe Dreams, with an EP that… Read More

Garish Hearts is uniquely Sydney

The debut feature from production company Ruin Films is Garish Hearts, an absurdist melodrama featuring many familiar Sydney faces and locations; distorted through the peculiar lens of Jay Cruikshank and Angela Garrick. The film… Read More

Jesse Willesee: Why I should be a porn star

From his PASSOUT installation, which saw models laying passed-out drunk on the floor with sticky-tape and graffiti on their bodies, to his “offensive” Belvedere-fuelled, semi-naked, fully-baked, hotel room shoot for 1AM magazine and… Read More

Buzz Kull interview for VISIONS

James Booker chats with Marc Dwyer from Sydney band Buzz Kull ahead of the VISIONS party at The Standard Bowl (which is happening tonight, Sydneysiders). So are you psyched for your show at VISIONS tonight, mang? Yeah… Read More

Getting to Know Milky Chance

Germany-based Milky Chance have garnered over 38 million hits on Youtube with their blend of singer-songwriter folk, which has elements of reggae and electronica. They’re a band you clearly need on your radar, so we… Read More