Album Review: Eskimo Joe, Wastelands

Sara Potter gives a listen to the latest Eskimo Joe longplayer for Wastelands is the 6th studio album by Perth’s Eskimo Joe. Known for their catchy pop-rock hits, they have proven themselves… Read More


Wear your heart on your wrist. WAIT! Not literally! That would be medically unadvisable. We’re talking metaphorically, because the kind-hearted folks at PANDORA are launching a giveaway which is as easy as Instagramming… Read More

Free Download: Say Yes Dog – A Friend

Remember when first gave you the heads-up about Say Yes Dog after seeing them at the Berlin Festival earlier in the year? Well, they’ve resurfaced in our minds upon hearing that their… Read More

Art Interview: Modern Panic’s James Elphick

A unique collection of today’s foremost surreal, controversial & provocative international artists and live art’s practitioners comes to London for Modern Panic. Something You Said’s 25ThC caught up with  James Elphick, the curator of… Read More

PANDORA launches ESSENCE Collection

Aesthetically, there are certain things that undeniably express your identity, individuality and sense of self. Your haircut (for better or worse in some circumstances) and your sartorial sensibilities, for instance. More subtly perhaps,… Read More

Music Video: KHUSHI covers MØ

With an unusual title that comes from a childhood nickname, London-bread Khushi is making waves with his delicate indie sounds. He recently sold out a single launch, turning away many-a-fan that wanted to… Read More

Pitchfork Music Festival Paris, Day One’s Carol Bowditch ventures to gay Paris: I thought, after months of joyful adventures as a result of unemployment while living in Europe, that I would do Paris on the cheap for a… Read More

Festival Mixtape: Le Guess Who?

Something You Said’s Carol Bowditch soundtracks her next European festival trip with a mixtape: Every so often there comes a festival lineup that makes you regret buying that stupidly expensive beverage or lovely… Read More

Simone Kerr: a catch-up interview

We last spoke to Australia-based, international model/dancer/designer Simone Kerr when she was about to launch Balletto Body, her collection of dance and active wear. Now that Balletto Body is up and running, we thought we’d… Read More

Interview: Getting to know Olivia Luccardi

You might have seen Olivia Luccardi delivering an epically acerbic performance in Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’. We caught up with the Brooklyn-based actress to find out about her experiences on the show and what she’s… Read More

Video: Secret Garden Party returns

Blimey, it really doesn’t seem massively long ago that Blighty was basking within the gloriously warm bosom of late summer. Shorts, ice-cold ciders and long afternoon shadows. With the changing of the clocks… Read More

Music interview: Reeps One

Reeps One is a multi-faceted, London-based artist using his voice to create music inspired by dubstep, garage, grime and deep-house, as well as creating live visuals solely with the tones of his voice.… Read More