Ruby Rose talks Fashion Week Australia

To quote David Bowie: “Ooh bop, fashion.” Obviously that’s pretty much gibberish, but what we’re trying to say is that Fashion Week Australia is almost upon us (30 April – 4 May) and we’re pretty bloody excited. Maybelline NY are getting excited too, and are celebrating their role as official makeup sponsor by jetting New York’s urban street artist KR (or, Craig Costello, according to his passport) into Sydney to create a series of live, on-trend colour-inspired art installations and works that will pop up over Sydney’s streetscape over the course of the next week or so.

KR got the ball rolling yesterday, with a live installation in Angel Place, at the heart of the bustling CBD. The juxtaposition of high city concrete walls, nestled in a laneway in the heart of the city gave KR the urban canvas he needed for his trademark KRINK dripping ink aesthetics. In front of a pack of photographers and intrigued onlookers, the artist attacked a giant monolithic sculpture with ink-filled fire extinguishers. Ooh bop indeed.

In an exclusive interview with Something You Said, KR explained why he got involved with Maybelline NY. “I am very happy to have the support and opportunity to travel and be a part of creative projects globally,” he told us. “Art is a reflection of both the individual and the society in which they live.” With this in mind, KR hopes to bring some of that Big Apple excitement to Sydney. “New York is an amazing place, full of ambition, variety and culture. I would describe my style as optimistic.”

KR was joined yesterday by Ruby Rose (above) the face of Maybelline NY Australia and no stranger to a little ink. She added her own touch to the artwork by blasting two huge Rs onto the backdrop. Ruby, with paint splatted across her glasses, told us, “KR is a legendary street artist and I got an opportunity to make art with him. I got nervous and so I just did my initials. I played it safe,” she laughed. When asked if her involvement was set to send her career in a whole new direction, she added. “He’s given me these texters and I’m worried he’s created a monster. I’ve always wanted to get into street art.”

Fashion Week kick-offs on Monday and Ruby can’t wait. “I’m so looking forward to it. I look forward to it every year. Australian fashion is getting better and better and I love watching it evolve. We’re up there with the best but at the same time it’s got a real homeliness to it.”

Main picture by Daniel Boud. Others by Bobby Townsend.