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Getting to Know Milky Chance

Germany-based Milky Chance have garnered over 38 million hits on Youtube with their blend of singer-songwriter folk, which has elements of reggae and electronica. They’re a band you clearly need on your radar, so we… Read More

Getting to Know Kamikaze

Switzerland-based outfit Kamikaze deliver a fine, multi-faced harmony in songs that will get you feeling hot and heavy. We asked them to tell more about themselves: Kamikaze formed when we met at 2am in… Read More

Getting to Know Rabbit Island

Lo-fi Perth-based artist Amber Fresh recently released “65% Hits”, a double-album of intimate home recordings, under her moniker of Rabbit Island. We asked her to tell us a little more about herself: Rabbit Island… Read More

Getting to Know Chanel Tsotras

Sydney-based model Chanel Tsotras tells us about her love of gangster movies, about her interest in economics and about dancing to Johnny Cash: I am 18 and determined. I’m in love with life… Read More

Getting to Know The Tambourine Girls

Carol Bowditch speaks with The Tambourine Girls’ Simon Relf ahead of the upcoming Australian tour with Dustin Tebbutt. The name The Tambourine Girls came from two girls who used to take care of me when… Read More

Getting to Know Wild Smiles

Winchester-based Wild Smiles tell us about their future prospects, about not appearing on Celebrity Big Brother and about living with their parents:  Wild Smiles started out recording in my shed. I put a couple… Read More

Getting to Know Kat Vinter

Berlin-based Kat Vinter has just unleashed her latest single. We asked her to tell us about herself: I am a solo Australian songwriter/artist living in Berlin. Wish I could add ‘multi-linguist,’ to the description but German… Read More

Getting to Know… Julian Haig

Carol Bowditch speaks with Julian Haig, a Melbourne-based surf-babe with an interest in the ukulele, a keen-arm for lawn bowls and a soft-spot for the good ol’ Australian Dunlop Volley. How did you get into modelling? I… Read More

Getting to Know Ben Newmarch

We chat to scallywag Ben Newmarch of Vivien’s Model Management about 50’s style, skateboarding and ice-blocks. How did you get into modelling? My Nana was always persistent and in my ear about having… Read More

Getting to know Secret Colours

We take some positively distracting time with Chicago’s psych-poppers, Secret Colours, ahead of their Austin Psych Festival performance and the release of their Positive Distraction II EP.  Secret Colours are… An entity that… Read More

Getting to Know Jimmy Tait

Melbourne band Jimmy Tait are currently touring their latest album ‘Golden’ around Australia. We grabbed a few minutes with frontwoman Sara Retallick: Jimmy Tait is… probably a really confusing name for what Jimmy Tait… Read More

Getting to Know Lowell – Music Interview

When Vice described Candian-born Lowell as “like Grimes having a dance-off with Lykke Li. In a discoball. After one too many Capri Suns,” our attention was suitably acquired. So we checked out her debut EP, I… Read More